Backpack Power Plant Provides Portable Hydroelectric Power To Go

In life, there are rugged outdoorsmen who eagerly head into the wilderness armed with only their wits and the pack on their back. Then there are the rest of us, those who depend on a heavy knapsack of batteries to power their lifelines to civilization while we’re huffing and puffing our way across nature trails. Instead of hauling copious extra batteries, you might want to consider Bourne Energy’s portable hydroelectric generator the next time you find yourself venturing into the great outdoors.

The Backpack Power Plant Type-2 (BPP-2), as it’s called, weighs less than 25 pounds, allowing it to be comfortably carried like a backpack. Capable of quietly generating 600 watts from a stream at least four feet deep, using the BPP-2 is simple: “To install the generator,” Eco Geek explains, “the user digs a trench on either side of the stream or river for two lightweight anchors. A rope connects the anchors to the generator, keeping it afloat through tension.” Bourne also offers a Type-1 model of the BPP.


Image via Bourne Energy

According to Bourne Energy, the BPP-2 is only three feet in length and is a self-contained unit equipped with integrated power, control, sensor, and cooling systems. The unit itself is quite compact, consisting of three primary pieces that collapse and are easily stored in the backpack. Additionally, the BPP-2 operates without any heat or exhaust emissions. Bourne offers a lighter and more powerful version of the BPP for military use; civilian models can be obtained for around $3,000, according to Eco Geek.

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