Air Products Plans Hydrogen Fueling Station Using Landfill Gas

Unlike the disgusting state of most teen bedrooms, the Earth’s landfills can’t be shoved into a closet and forgotten about. The world’s growing piles of trash and hazardous waste continues to take a toll, but Air Products, a company specializing in atmospheric gases and performance materials, has found one method of putting Earth’s landfills to good use: as a source of hydrogen power.

Partnering with SK Energy, Air Products has announced a contract signing that will manifest a hydrogen fueling station for an energy product to be based in Seoul, Korea’s World Cup Park. Intended to become active in July 2010, the hydrogen fueling station will generate hydrogen produced exclusively from landfill gas and will be used to power a fleet of vehicles. “Air Products’ compression, storage and dispensing technology will fuel hydrogen powered fuel cell buses for public transit initially,” says the Air Product-issued release, “and a small fleet of cars targeted to increase to as many as 100 public use vehicles.”


Image via Land of Gracious Living

Air Products is hardly a newcomer to the hydrogen arena. Touting themselves as the leading hydrogen supplier to refineries to assist in developing cleaner transportation fuels, the company has erected over 110 hydrogen fueling stations in the U.S. and 18 other countries throughout the world.

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