Aero Wind Generator Provides Portable Wind Power Solution

The wind is nothing if not portable: it’s here, it’s there, it’s just about everywhere. So why should wind generators be any different? That’s the line of thought behind the Aero 600W portable wind generator designed by Macros Madia.

As portable as a tower fan, the Aero assembles and disassembles much like a tripod. “The base of the central column stores the wires and the batteries,” according to Red Ferret, “and although it’s made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum, it will take two or three people to move and set up.” When the Aero needs to be stored away, all pieces and parts fit snugly within its casing, making it as simple to transport as a backpack.

aero portable wind generator

Image via Macros Madia

Though certainly viable in almost any area, the Aero is intended for use in construction zones and disaster areas: rather than waiting days for power to be restored, regions struck by calamity can get up and running faster using the Aero. Although still in the concept stage, Macro Madia hopes the wind generator will reach production stages soon.

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