VW Goes For Green Gold With New Hybrid Touareg SUV

Volkswagen hasn’t survived and thrived for over 70 years by churning out iterative automobiles even when it saw room for improvement. The manufacturer’s latest endeavor: a completely redeveloped VW Touareg hybrid unveiled earlier this month in Wolfsburg, Germany.

A release issued by Volkswagen anoints the revamped Touareg as the manufacturer’s most innovative VW since the brand’s instantiation. How so? For starters, a range of engines allows the vehicle to operate at 20 percent greater fuel efficiency than past models, and an extensive range of assistance and safety systems make operating the vehicle a smooth and secure experience for drivers and passengers. As an example, the V6 engine employs the new Stop-Start system which disables the engine when the car comes to a complete stop — such as at stop lights — and restarts once the brake pedal has been released.

vw touareg hybrid

Image via Volkswagen

For drivers looking to cut fuel emissions as much as possible, the vehicle can be operated in pure electric mode for up to 50 km, all of which will be emissions free. While the environment benefits from the hybrid’s environmentally friendly features, those occupying the Touareg will enjoy a more comfortable ride courtesy of Volkswagen engineers: “The new interior was made more functional, the seats more comfortable and leg room in the rear is larger,” states the press release.

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