UK Government To Offer Incentives For Green Car Purchases

The national government of the United Kingdom is really getting into wanting to have its residents go green in different aspects of their lives. First it was offering cash incentives for home green energy production and now comes word of a plan, according to Green Car Advisor, to offer “a national subsidy to buyers of zero and near-zero emissions cars and trucks equal to the lower of 25 per cent of the vehicle’s purchase price or 5,000 British pounds.”

The U.K.’s national Department for Transport is heading this program, as well as a related initiative which is a “roll-out of a £30m fund for a network of electric vehicle hubs – called Plugged-In Places – which will see charging infrastructure appearing in car parks, major supermarkets, leisure and retail centres, as well as on the street.” The national subsidy will be available for British buyers starting in January 2011, “by which time a range of eligible vehicles is expected to be available.” In order for cars to be eligible for this grant, they will have to pass performance criteria to ensure safety, range, and ultra-low tailpipe emissions.


image via THINK

The grant, which will be handled by the Dept. for Transport’s Office of Low Emission Vehicles, is subject to notification of technical requirements to, and state aid approval from, the European Commission. It is also part of “a £450 million Government strategy to support the creation of a flourishing early market for ultra-low carbon vehicles.” This money will also contribute to the build out of over 11,000 vehicle recharging points during the next three years.

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