TrickleStrip Stops Trickle Of Vampire Energy Electricity

The standby mode offered by many electronics and computers offers a respectable decrease in power usage, but power is still being used, even if it’s just a steady trickle instead of a large flow. Energy management device manufacturer TrickleStar has released the TrickleStrip, a combination surge protector-power manager that enables users to more efficiently reduce power usage. It is not the first product this company has released.

As detailed by Good Clean Tech, the TrickleStrip offers six outlets. Two of the device’s outlets are always on, one acts as a control switch, and the remaining three slots are linked to the control device. When the device plugged into the control outlet is turned off all devices plugged into the linking outlets are shut down as well. This provides an easier step to turning off peripherals such as monitors, printers, game consoles, and speakers that aren’t needed when the control device is disabled.


Image via TrickleStar

Interested consumers can acquire the TrickleStrip, which is available in PC and television versions, for $44.95. Energy saving costs estimated by TrickleStar predict users will reduce their energy costs in one year or less.

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