Three-Wheeled Urban Jet Electric Vehicle Jets Into Concept Stage

Ecofriend brings word of the Urban Jet, a new zero-emission electric vehicle currently in the concept stage by designer Cherban. Weighing in at only 770 pounds, the Urban Jet is able to seat two passengers, is steerable via a handlebar, and leans up to 45 degrees around corners.

Resembling a slightly elongated space pod with wheels, the Urban Jet is powered by 26KWh polymer lithium battery, which will purportedly be good for up to 1500 charge cycles. Full charge is attainable in 150 minutes, and the Jet has a maximum distance of 220 miles once fully charged.

the urban jet

Image via Urban Jet

Capable of “jetting” from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds and able to hit a max speed of 150 mph, the Jet features an 8-inch monitor with MP3, 3G, and iPod connectivity. Of particular interest is mention of constructing the vehicle with Aramid Fiber, which Eco-friendly Vehicles points out is the same material used in bullet-proof vests. The Jet will also pass FIA rules for a Formula One chassis.

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