Route4Me Online Routing Service Debuts iPhone App

GPS systems are convenient, but they don’t always offer the most efficient routes for drivers in terms of fuel consumption and cost., a route planning website that strives to offer the best route possible from and to multiple destinations, now provides a new mobile method of mapping out courses with the launch of Route4Me for Apple’s iPhone.

The app, according to its developer, will cost $1.99 in the iTunes Store. Use of Route4Me should allow drivers to “spend less time in the car, reduce the amount of money spent on gas and decrease CO2 emissions by burning less gas by traveling the optimal route.”

route4me planner

Image via iTunes

According to Route4Me’s iTunes page, the latest version of the app, 2.0, offers turn-by-turn directions, an updated user interface, estimated trip time, an approximation for the miles required to complete the entire trip, and other boons.

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