Peugeot Prepares To Release E-Vivacity Electric Scooter

Marking the 15-year anniversary of the mass production of the first electric scooter, the Peugeot Scoot’Elec, Peugeot will be releasing the zippy and cost affordable E-Vivacity scooter later this year.

Technical details supplied by Gizmag reveal that the E-Vivacity’s 4kW engine is roughly equal to a prudent 50cc scooter. The big difference comes by way of its running costs, which are estimated at US$0.56 per 100km. ” So,” writes Gizmag, “if you cover the yearly average scooter distance of 4,000 kms, total running costs will be … US$22.67!”

e-vivacity scooter

Image via Gizmag

The E-Vivacity will make use of a Lithium Ion Cobalt battery, which allows for an operating range of 80km to 100km on the road, as well as 1000 charging/discharging cycles and the ability to go from empty to fully charged in only four hours. Drivers charge the E-Vivacity via an on-board charger in conjunction with a charging cable, which rests beneath the seat. The scooter’s Battery Management System closely monitors elements such as charge and temperature with the purpose of prolonging the safety of the system.