Outlet Regulator Pops Out Of Wall When Connected Item Fully Charged

Some electronics are never satisfied: you attach them to their chargers when they grow weak, generously offer your electricity for their benefit, and how do they repay you? By taking extra sips of electric goodness even after they have received a full charge. Cast away those greedy cell phones, MP3 players, and other electronics with the Outlet Regulator, a concept peripheral designed by student inventor Conor Klein.

Gizmodo has taken notice of the Outlet Regulator, one end of which plugs into a wall outlet while the other end accepts a charger for the electronics device of your choice. Once the device has been fully charged, the Outlet Regulator unplugs itself from the wall, preventing it from stealing away with unnecessary extra juice.

outlet regulator

Image via Conor Klein

Klein’s inspiration for the Outlet Regulator’s function was the leech, which detaches from its prey once it has consumed its fill of blood. The Regulator uses “a timer circuit and electromechanics to eject its plug which disconnects your device from the wall outlet.”

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