New Planned Calpine Power Plant Said To Be Eco-Friendly

Construction of a new power plant isn’t newsworthy in this day and age, but the announcement of the nation’s first power plant that will impose a federal limit on greenhouse gas emissions is quite auspicious — and hopefully a sign that other power plants will follow its eco-friendly lead. Calpine Corporation has issued a press release announcing just such a power plant: the Russell City Energy Center.

The planned power plant, which will begin construction in 2010 in the city of Hayward located in Alameda County, CA, will be outfitted with 600 megawatts of power and is designed to output 50 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the most advanced of coal-fired plants, as well as 25 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the standard established by the California Public Utilities Commission. According to the Russell City Energy Center website, the plant will use 100 percent reclaimed water from the City of Hayward’s Water Pollution Control Facility, which will be used for the plant’s cooling and boiler makeup. The process will prevent roughly four million gallons of waste water per day from being sent into the San Francisco Bay.

calpine power plant

Image via Russell City Energy Center

“Since our inception in 1984, Calpine has been an environmental leader investing in power plants that use modern emissions control technology and consistently outperform conventional fossil-fueled plants in curbing emissions that contribute to global warming,” said Jack A. Fusco, president and chief executive officer of Calpine, in a statement.

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