New Nanofiber Light Bulbs May Be Next Step In Eco-Lighting

It seems that no matter the lighting solution, consumers will have to sacrifice one thing or another in exchange for light. Incandescent bulbs? Old school. Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs? Easier on the electric bill, but filled with toxic chemicals. What other options exist? Nanofiber bulbs, a new method of brightening your home without dangerous chemicals and hefty bills developed by RTI International.

Nanofibers may be tiny — each is approximately the same length of a human hair, or even smaller — but as Inhabitat explains, the materials are safer and more cost efficient than CFLs. Nanofiber bulbs were created by combining nanofiber-based reflectors and photoluminescent nanofibers (PLN), which resulted in bulbs that release 55 lumens per watt, rendering them five times more efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs and free of the mercury contained in CFLs.

solid state lighting

Image via RTI International

In addition to greater efficiency, a release issued by RTI also claims their technology “produces an aesthetically pleasing light with better color rendering properties than is typically found in CFLs.” RTI is busily continuing development of the nanofiber bulb technology, which is not slated for commercial availability for at least three to five more years.

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