New iPhone App Lets You Debate Global Warming Deniers

In an effort to make the science relating to global warming more accessible to the masses, John Cook of Skeptical Science has unveiled the Skeptical Science iPhone app, which is available as a free download from iTunes.

Cook, the webmaster of Skeptical Science, recently detailed the app’s functionality, stating that common arguments are organized into three primary categories: ‘It’s Not Happening’, ‘It’s Not Us’, and ‘It’s Not Bad’. “When you select one of the 3 main categories,” Cook says, “a list of sub-categories pop up. You can then select any category to see the skeptic argument, a summary of what the science says and the full answer including graphs plus links to papers or other sources.” The app also allows users to report arguments.

skeptical science

Image via Skeptical Science

Of course, every argument has at least two sides, and global warming is no different. USA Today’s Green House pointed out an argument made by Climate Realists, a skeptic-run website that claims the Skeptical Science app is attempting to unfairly dissuade users from arguments posed by Climate Realists. The website urges supporters of its arguments to develop a counter iPhone app as a means of providing science that supports the other side of the global warming equation.

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