New iPhone App Helps One Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Need an iPhone app to tell you where the closest electric charging station is for your electric vehicle? Coulomb Technologies, a developer of electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, now provides one. Its new ChargePoint iPhone App is available for free through the iTunes Store.

The ChargePoint iPhone App, according to Coulomb, lets one locate ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for electric vehicles anywhere in North America. This is just one of a whole host of features which the app makes available to electric vehicle drivers. It also lets one know, among other functions, if a charging station is currently available, in use, or out of service as well as using it to start and stop charging sessions.

Chargepoint iPhone App

image via Coulomb

“This ChargePoint iPhone App for EV drivers is the latest accomplishment in a year of remarkable milestones for Coulomb,” said Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies. “It…works in conjunction with our Flex Billing system such that after charging station owners set prices for charging at their stations, drivers can use the iPhone App to see those prices. Possibly the most important feature of this application is one that can only be done with networked charging stations – the ability to get real-time status of the station. This way you’ll never drive to a station that is already in use or is out of service.”

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