New EMC Electric Pick Up Ready For Driving Around Iowa

American drivers looking for a somewhat cheaper electric vehicle alternative to vehicles such as the Tesla Roadster might want to give thought to the Electric Motor Cars (EMC) pickup, a truck manufactured in Romania that has just hit the states by way of Envision Motor Co. The Des Moines Register announced that the two-seater, plug-in electric vehicle will be sold by Des Moines Motors. Gene Gabus, owner of Des Moines Motors, received a small delivery of the vehicles on Friday, February 5, and confirmed that more are on the way. Those living in or passing through Des Moines and fancying a test drive will soon have the opportunity to get behind the wheel, “weather and Gabus permitting.”

The Green Optimistic reports that the pickup will carry a price tag of $33,950 in the States. The vehicles can be charged within three hours using a 220V socket or eight hours from a 110V socket, and hold 420km per charge.

emc pickup

Image via Des Moines Register

Gabus has reportedly signed on to sell the car not only in Iowa, but in 28 other states, making him one of three distributors. Soon to be joining the pickup are cargo van and station wagon models, which will be built using a chassis engineered by Renault, a manufacturer that prides itself on being eco-friendly.

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