Multitap Concept Turns Vampire Power Into Ambient Lighting

Tired of sifting through a jungle of power cords in an effort to unplug devices that no longer need to be used? While we still recommend you take some time to untangle your cables, the Energy Saving Multitap, a prototype device that allows excess energy to be used productively in the form of touch-activated ambient lights.

Yanko Design commiserates with those who aren’t able to disable devices that are better left unplugged when not in use due to tangles of cords acting as an impediment to grasping fingers. Fortunately a prototype of the Multitap device designed by Dong Hoon Han, Hwa Yong Shin and Dong Jin Shin demonstrates an effective solution: Plug in your devices to the Multitap, which is connected to a pad of bubble-shaped buttons that resides on one’s wall. Instead of allowing energy to be unnecessarily used, “it gets sucked up to power this set of cool looking touch-sensitive ambient lights on the wall.”


Image via Yanko Design

Several diagrams of the Multitap can be found on Yanko Design, each of which explains the many functions of the versatile power-strip-meets-ambient-lights-and-activation-buttons amalgamation. For example, rather than dig for the cord to a specific device that you wish to unplug, simply press its corresponding Multitap button to deactivate it.

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