More Lampo2 By Protoscar Electric Car Details Surface

In January, we reported that the Lampo2, an electric sports car by Swiss manufacturer Protoscar, would be unveiled at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, which takes place in March. Car enthusiasts frothing to know more about the fast-charging, fast-accelerating, and all-around fast eco-friendly rig need not wait any longer: The company has put out more information, reported by Autoblog Green, that sheds light on more Lampo2 details.

Powered by 408 horses and 472 pound-feet of torque, the Lampo2 can surge from zero to 62 mph in five seconds, and boasts a top speed of 124 mph. Two electric motors allow the car to operate at four-wheel drive and a lithium-ion battery provides over 30 kWh of capacity. A “quick-charging” capability  allows the Lampo2 to be driven up to 100km in just 10 minutes charge time, perfect for drivers who need to depart in a hurry.


Image via Protoscar

The Lampo2 will initially be used for practical demonstrations and testing, although evaluation by manufacturer Protoscar may eventually lead to small-scale production. Further details will be formally announced at the forthcoming Geneva Auto Show, but prospective drivers yearning for more tidbits of knowledge, as well as a gallery of luscious body shots, are encouraged to cruise on over to Protoscar’s website.

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