Metalback Electric Motorcycle Concept Is Just Damm Sexy!

Everyone knows bikers are tough guys: decked out in their leather jackets and ripped jeans; revving their engines at stoplights before shooting off on their sleek black bikes like sputtering, rumbling bullets. Motorcycle designer Jordan Meadows understands that image is just as important to a rider as his or her set of wheels, but there’s nothing “tough” about the effect of exhaust on the environment.

Fortunately Meadows, no stranger to the design needs of the transportation industry, has come up with a concept bike that is equal parts lean, mean, and environmentally clean: the Metalback. Greenlaunches has taken notice of Meadows’ design, taking note of the bike’s aesthetics, which “somewhat reminds one of a bullet ready to zip thru [sic] the air”, and its eco-considerate composition: the Metalback’s V4 engine consumes biofuel.

metalback motorcycle

Image via Green Launches

Other environmentally conscious considerations are the Metalback’s glossy paint job, which is applied eco-friendly paint; and the body of the machine itself, which is constructed from recycled aluminum.

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