Largest Wave Power Plant In World Coming To Sweden

The coast of Smögen in Sotenäs, Sweden provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside, but that same coast will soon be known for something equally impressive: the site of the world’s largest renewable wave power plant courtesy of Seabased AB.

A developer of industrial solutions for the sustainable conversion of wave energy to electricity, Seabased has received approval from the Swedish Energy Agency to begin construction of the installation. According to Alternative Consumer, the plant will be comprised of 400 to 500 interconnected wave power units that will generate approximately 10MW of power once the facility has been completed. The Engineer reports that the Swedish Energy Agency will contribute approximately $19 million of the project’s total cost of $34 million. Before construction of the plant can begin, permission from the Swedish Environment Authority will be required, and the European Union’s approval must be given before the Swedish government can provide financial support.

seabased wave energy converter

Image via The Engineer

The technology utilized by Seabased, as explained by The Engineer, “uses the water motion in the waves to directly drive wave-power plants. The active element is a directly driven permanent-magnet linear generator designed to take advantage of the slow movement of the waves transferred to it via a buoy on the ocean surface.” The buoy action is then transferred to the generator without any intermediate mechanical gearing.

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