Honeywell Wind Turbines Set To Debut Atop Residential Homes

Wind turbines, those bastions of renewable energy most of us normally see presiding over idyllic fields and prairies as their gear-powered whirling blades gather energy for our use, are now offered for home use — with some modifications, of course. Green Upgrader has caught wind of the WindTronics Honeywell Wind Turbine, a turbine only somewhat larger than a mounted television satellite able to be placed on roofs.

The key difference between the Honeywell Wind Turbine and others of its ilk — besides its size — is an absence of gears. As per WindTronics’ official Honeywell website, “the Honeywell Wind Turbine’s gearless Blade Tip Power System creates a ‘free wheeling’ turbine, generating energy from the blade tips (where the speed lies) rather than through a mechanical center gear.” By almost entirely cutting mechanical resistance and drag from the wind turbine equation, the Honeywell is able to create substantial amounts of energy, as well as operate in a greater range of wind speeds.

honeywell turbine

Image via Green Upgrader

Available in Ace Hardware stores as of this month, the total cost of a Honeywell Wind Turbine, which includes tax and installation fees, will run between $7000 and $8000. Green Upgrader is quick to point out that the cost isn’t as steep as it initially appears: the Honeywell’s gearless blades begin spinning at wind speeds as low as 1mph and begins converting energy at 2mph, allowing it to gather energy in lower wind conditions than many other turbines.

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