Hertz To Offer Nissan Leaf Electric Car As Rental Option

The rental car business is big business here in America. Green car rentals are a small segment of this business, with major players like Hertz making hybrids such as the Prius available for drivers. Hertz is also about to get its first electric car rental option, announcing a joint commitment with Nissan to make the Leaf electric vehicle available in 2011.

Nissan and Hertz, through this agreement, will develop a program for the roll-out of the Leaf in the US and Europe as a rental option. The car will also later be made part of Hertz’s “Connect by Hertz” global car share service. Nothing was said on specific dollars being spent between Hertz and Nissan on this partnership, and word of it comes on the same day Nissan put out news about the roll out plans of the Leaf.

image via Nissan

“The partnership with Nissan seals Hertz’s commitment to green-car rentals and firmly demonstrates our mission to advancing zero-emission mobility on a global scale,” said Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement. “With unique solutions like the Hertz Green Collection already available to our customers, we believe in continuously providing innovative mobility solutions to sustain the growing demand for eco-travel.”

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