GRIDCharger Concept Electric Vehicle Powers Electrical Grid

Most electric vehicles require a connection to an electrical source in order to receive a charge. Designer Robert Marvin has decided to flip that concept around with his GRIDCharger vehicle, an electric car that, in a pleasant turn of events, supplies energy to a user’s grid while being charged.

Handy dandy house charger it may be, but first and foremost, how does the GRIDCharger fare as a car? Ecofriend breaks down the finer points of the car’s operation, explaining that it employs a steam turbine that constantly runs at a low rpm to charge on-board batteries and generate power for the vehicle’s four electric motors. Each of the four motors are equipped with a regenerating braking mechanics which recharges the batteries whenever the brakes are applied. Culminating in a sleek and aerodynamic design, the many properties of the GRIDCharger add up to a smooth, clean, fuel-efficient, low-emission ride.


Image via Michelin Challenge Design

On the Michelin Challenge Design website, Marvin elaborates on the charging functionality of his two-in-one charger-vehicle, explaining that because the GRIDCharger runs so efficiently, it is able to power an entire residence and even sell power back to the grid. “Plug into your garage at night, not to charge your car, but to let your car charge your house,” Marvin says.

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