Greener Gadgets Design Profile: Illumi-Charger

For today’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition highlighted item, we are taking a look at’s Illumi-Charger. This is described by its designer as a grid-free, USB wall outlet charger. What makes it so eco-friendly you wonder? It harnesses its energy for charging devices from indoor lighting.

The Illumi-Charger sports an integrated solar panel which collects energy from interior lighting for charging USB enabled devices. The charger is designed to be placed into one’s wall, similar to how a traditional wall plug outlet is built. Instead of there being AC plugs though, two USB outlets exist instead. One plugs a product like a mobile phone into one of these USB outlets to charge it.



Technical aspects of this concept are limited, though charging speed for a USB standard connection is 5v @ 500mah – 9600 mah capacity. Electricity collected from solar energy harvesting is stored in an attached li-ion rechargeable battery for later use.

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