Greener Gadgets Design Profile: Go Mechanical Charger

The annual Greener Gadgets conference, coming up in New York City on February 25, hosts an annual design competition “highlighting a new class of sustainable product concepts, from those that create their own energy to those that minimize the need for any electricity at all.” EarthTechling is a media partner of this event, so we thought we’d start dedicating a little bit of extra coverage to some of the more fascinating ideas we see available for folks to vote on. Today we take a brief look at the Go Mechanical Charger from Elephant Design in India.

The Go Mechanical Charger is designed to provide a portable charging solution for mobile phones in environments where regular power coverage is spotty at best. This charger, focused on being small and quite portable, makes use of simple hand cranking of a built-in lever to charge an attached headset.  The team working on this design noted, when observing others using the device, that their charger needed to be low cost, rugged and easy to operate via one hand as “the other would be engaged in holding the handset while talking.”

Go Mechanical Charger

image via Elephant Design

The end design of the Go Mechanical Charger does, in fact, have a “unique roll on wheel” that lets one charge the phone while talking on it at the same time with the other hand. Other aspects being put into this design include being made from reclaimable/recyclable materials, having an anti-slip grip and being able to make use of adapters for different mobile phone brands. It is already available for sale in India, reportedly having gained wide acceptance.

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