Greener Gadgets Design Profile: Fair Energy Clock

Here is another Greener Gadgets Design Competition entry which we find interesting: the Fair Energy Clock from Santiago Cantera of Agrentina. It is a simple little device that, according to Cantera, “aims to save all that unnecessary use of energy both in everyday items like battery chargers or discontinued use systems.” This system is essentially designed to “cut energy regulators and reconnect at any time and as often as necessary.”

The Fair Energy Clock works by the 24 regulators built around the device. You push up into the number of regulators you want an item charged to in hours. If you know, for example, it takes three hours to charge your laptop, you would push up the first three regulators. After pushing up the Fair Energy Clock is plugged in and then the item to be charged is plugged into it.

Fair Energy Clock

image via Santiago Cantera

The Fair Energy Clock allows electricity to flow into the plugged in device via a “green rope” moving along the center. When it hits regulators that are up, it lets power in. When the regulars are down, it cuts the juice.

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