Greener Gadgets Design Profile: Corky The Little Brown Mouse

Voting for the top picks of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition is now closed. While this may be the case, we plan to continue doing some profiles of the more interesting entries up until the conference occurs next Thursday in New York. For the next installment, think for a moment about your typical consumer computer mouse. A simple device, made from non-recyclable plastics usually and wasting batteries for energy. As an alternative to it, consider Corky the little brown mouse.

Corky, according to designer Adele Peters, is powered by the motion of your hand. In this concept design one generates power for the computer mouse by capturing the kinetic energy generated as it is moved back and forth on the desk. This energy is captured “by elements within the mouse shell.” Energy can also be captured through operation of the left and rick click buttons, as well as the center scroll wheel.


image via CEA

Corky, besides using kinetic energy for powering, is also designed to be very environmentally friendly. It is made of recycled cork and includes fully recyclable plastic components. It is envisioned it would also be regionally sourced and assembled, and that it could easily be broken down into core parts for quick recycling.

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