Greener Gadgets Conference 2010 Round Up: Some Cool Green Tech

The Greener Gadgets Conference, an annual event put on by the Consumer Electronics Association in New York City, is over for another year. We were there for the day, listening to the talks on making electronics more sustainable and checking out the eco-friendly devices and designs that were being showcased. We bring you now a summary of highlights from this event, of which EarthTechling was one of the media sponsors.

Greener Gadgets Design Competition:

The major highlight of the conference was the annual design competition, which encourages individuals and companies to submit designs for consideration by the public and judges. The top three entries received cash prizes and were announced at the event. They are:


image via CEA

The Illumi-Charger from took third place, winning $1,000. This device is described by its designer as “a grid-less USB wall outlet providing free electricity for device charging. As solar classroom calculators harness excess light energy from ceiling lights, so does the Illumi-Charger.”


image via CEA

The Empower from designer Ryan Klinger came in second, winning $2,000. It is a seating power system which “takes advantage of the overlooked and ever reciprocating motion of a glider style chair for the storage and use of usable power for consumer electronics.”


image via CEA

Coming in first in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition and winning a cash prize of $3,000 was the Augmented Living Goods Program (AUG) from designers Shane Blomberg, John Healy, Seth Laupus and Andrew Reeves. This program makes use of a mobile app and device to encourage “the localization of Living goods (Produce, Meats, & Dairy) through the use of a bar-coded ‘Producers’ directory.”

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