Energy Ball Concept Is Play Toy By Day, Light By Night

The next time you see a pack of kids kicking a ball around or shooting hoops, don’t be surprised if they’re actually engaged in something more productive than playground mischief. Green Diary has taken note of the Energy Ball, a seemingly ordinary kickball-sized ball that can be used to provide reading light.

Recipient of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2009, the Energy Ball converts impact energy into electric energy. Further explained by Red Dot, “the Energy Ball uses piezoelectric material to convert impact energy into electricity that can power an attachable reading light.” In layman’s terms: all one has to do to charge an Energy Ball is play with it. Accumulated electricity is stored inside the ball and manifested as light when the Ball’s included light bulb is attached.

energy ball

Image via Red Dot

Red Dot points out that the Energy Ball would be quite handy in third world countries, which suffer from a dearth of electricity. Children could bop, kick, toss, and bat their Energy Balls around during daylight hours, then use it as a reading tool at night.

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