Ecofreezer Concept Uses Solar Power For Cooling Operations

Conventional coolers do a good job of keeping food and beverages chilled, but the only guaranteed way to keep your goods on ice is to pick up your entire freezer and lug it around with you. For those of us without the strength of ten mortal men, concept designer Ruben Iglesias presents his take on portable cooling: the Ecofreezer.

Noticed by Yanko Design, the Ecofreezer is roughly the same size as typical coolers. Filling two inserts in the top of the freezer’s lid are two LED lamps with solar photo cells. While you and the family enjoy fun in the sun, the lamp gathers energy required for the freezer’s cooling operation and distributes it throughout the box via magnetic induction, keeping your sandwiches, salads, and drinks as cool as if they were in a full-size freezer. “Should you run out of batteries for cooling,” Yanko says, “the container doubles up as a thermal box, keeping the contents cold for a long while.” Battery power can be examined by pressing a button on the freezer.


Image via Rubcn

On the Ecofreezer’s website, designer Ruben Iglesias explains that the freezer is able to function at low mode by using only a single lamp; the other can be used for illumination, should you so desire.

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