Eco Simple Flash Drives Offer Good Storage, No Nasty Toxics

These days, flash drives are as ubiquitous with key chains as keys themselves. The capacities of the thumb-sized drives are handy for archiving precious files, but the materials normally used to construct the drives aren’t exactly earth-friendly. As a means of saving data and the earth simultaneously, Green Home offers the Eco Simple Flash Drive.

Like most other flash drives, the Eco Simple plugs into a USB port and comes in a nice variety of capacities. The key difference? Great Green Gadgets notes that the drives “contain no lead, mercury, cadium or other toxics.” These drives also decompose easier than conventional flash drives, but you wouldn’t just toss it into the trash anyhow, would you?

eco simple drive

Image via Green Home

Eco Simple Flash Drives come in four different capacity flavors: 1 gigabyte, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB. Price-wise, the bidding begins at $28 for a 1GB drive and ends at $48 for an 8GB drive.

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