Eco-Friendly K2 Energy Batteries Power Array Of Items

It’s a safe bet that every outdoor enthusiast’s garden shed or garage is crammed with batteries of all sizes and types (and an even safer wager to assume that the one battery you really need will not be present when you go digging for it). In an effort to cut down on battery quantity, K2 Energy Solutions has announced two new rechargeable battery systems designed to power a wide array of commercial and consumer products.

According to a press release, the two battery types, known as K2B12V7 and K2B12V10, pack 12 volts each and were designed to power a number of consumer and commercial products such as lawn care equipment and electric bikes and scooters. K2 Energy Solutions business development manager David Anderson explains that the commonality of the batteries’ voltage was intentional. “The finished products are completely backward compatible with the standard 12 volt 7 Ahr lead acid battery,” Anderson says. “Our batteries don’t even require you to use a different charger.”

k2 battery

Image via Business Wire

Compared to conventional batteries, the K2B12V7 and K2B12V10 charge faster, hold their charge for longer periods of time, contain no hazardous materials or chemicals, and are lighter than others in their voltage and size range, making them both eco-friendly and efficient.

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