Down On The Tesla Farm: A New VP, Right Hand Drive Roadster

Drivers seeking a bit of change in their automotive routine should be intrigued to hear about the Tesla right-hand-drive version of the Tesla Roadster vehicle, which Tesla Motors announced has entered production. Right-hand-drive cars are currently available for test driving at Tesla’s showroom, 49-51 Cheval Place in London’s Knightsbridge district.

The right-hand-drive version of the Roadster, known as the only highway-capable electric car available for sale worldwide, is Tesla’s answer to “growing demand from high-performance car buyers in the UK who are also interested in their impact on the environment,” according Cristiano Carlutti, Tesla’s Vice President for European Sales and Operations. Capable of greater than 200 miles per charge in varied driving conditions, the Roadster consumes no petroleum and plugs into standard 220-volt sockets located throughout Europe. Tesla also makes note that the Roadster is twice as energy efficient as a Prius, as well as being the only production car able to go faster than a Porsche.

tesla righthand drive

Image via Tesla Motors

Not content to only add to its selection of cars, Tesla has also announced the addition of former Toyota production engineering general manager Gilbert Passin. Passin, who brings 23 years of international automotive experience to Tesla, was previously the vice president of manufacturing at Toyota’s Cambridge, Ontario-based plant. Passin will assume leadership of Tesla’s vehicle manufacturing operations.

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