Diet Watt Concept Puts Your Energy Consumption On A Diet

Which appliances and gizmos suck up the most energy around your house? Is it the laptop or the TV? The refrigerator or the dish washer? For the vast majority of folks the answer is simply, “I don’t know.” A new concept design called the Diet Watt Power Meter by designers Hyun Joo Lee and Eu Tteum Lee aims to change that by delivering real data straight from the plug.

According to Yanko Design, the system works through a series of Diet Watt Subs that can be attached between the plug and the outlet used by various electronic appliances in your house. Electricity use is displayed in real time on the subs themselves, then transmitted wirelessly to the Diet Watt Main. This main console sums up and shows the total consumption of the electronic appliances and their overall impact on electricity bills.


image via Yanko Design

While some may see this as the “guilt” approach to energy conservation, it seems like this concept is really just working to remind us of our own eco-ideals at the actual point of impact–not unlike those little stickers that say “these come from trees” you find sometimes on paper towel dispensers. Or even the Weight Watchers system for counting calories. (After all, if you’re going to go on an energy diet, you need to know where to start.)

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