Ciclups Lets You Pedal Away Into Renewable Energy Nirvana

What’s that, you say? Your home or office is a veritable monument to green technology and renewable energy solutions, yet you still don’t feel like you’re doing enough to keep the earth clean and vibrant? If that’s the case, green tech designer Rubcn offers a hands-on — or should we say a feet-on — method of producing eco-friendly energy with the Ciclups, a device currently in the concept stage.

The Ciclups makes use of kinetic energy – that which is generated by a body’s movement and motion. As explained by Green Launches, “the device includes an integrated gyroscope with a pedal that has to be pushed to generate sustainable power.” Simply put: pedal the thing like mad as much as you can, and the gyroscopic effect will morph your sweat and muscle into usable energy. A little exercise, some usable energy — it’s a practically a two-for-one deal.


Image via Rubcn

Rubcn further details the features and functions of the Ciclups on his website: while you’re pedaling away and generating your own supply of energy, you can monitor the device’s function mode and battery charge via its low voltage screen. A good fit definitely for green gyms.

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