AMP Turns GM Chevrolet Equinox Into Fully Electric Vehicle

The proclamation of an electric vehicle is common in an age where automakers are striving to stay current with eco-friendly tech trends, but Advanced Mechanical Products, Inc. (AMP), is touting their unveiling of the AMP’d Equinox as an announcement of “historic proportions.”

What makes the Equinox so special? Its unveiling marks AMP as the first to offer an all-electric crossover vehicle to the market for retail sale. As AMP explains in their press release, the AMP’d Equinox is a converted GM Chevrolet Equinox that features a 100 percent electric, clean American-made car. The electric vehicle’s technology, which includes charge voltage of 110V or 220V and a max range of 150 miles on a single charge, makes it an appealing alternative to petrol-based cars, as well as an affordable one: the AMP’d Equinox will be offered for $50,000.

amp equinox

Image via AMP

Able to hit a max speed of 90 mph and capable of going from zero to 60 mph in eight seconds, the AMP proves its speed as appealing as its technology. The AMP’d Equinox also includes a number of desired safety features. Steve Burns, CEO of Advanced Mechanical Products, stated his belief that AMP has established itself as a pioneer in the automotive industry. “We are thrilled to bring our next 100% electric vehicle platform to market, as this latest offering is a clear display of our true passion for, and an unyielding commitment to, the environment and sustainability.”

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