$1,300 Electric Skateboard Hits 23 MPH In 4 Secs

Electric skateboards are one thing E-Glide seems to like to do well, saying it has been “the world leader in electric skateboard design and fabrication” incorporating European built electronics and other componentry for six years. We don’t know if this statement is true or not, but this flashy company has just announced a $1,300 electric skateboard – the GI Powerboard – that is said not to be for “the squeamish.”

The GI, said by E-Glide to be “the Rolls Royce of electric skateboards” (for that price it better be), accelerates from 0-23 MPH in four seconds. It sports six inch high pressure Balistic Mak tires tied to aluminum mag “Terraintula” wheels. This is all connected to Ground Industries Bionic trucks, which E-Glide stated “was the key to allowing us to produce this low deck/pneumatic tired board which had kept eluding us.”

E-Glide G1

image via E-Glide

The electric configuration of this skateboard includes a 750 watt/1100 watt peak power, 36 volt motor. It also comes with remote control “gun” for more accurate controlling of acceleration and braking. Word is this product has very limited availability and is built at E-Glide’s Santa Monica, California headquarters. It sounds cool, but $1,300? Wow.

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