Whirlpool Shows Off Normal Looking Smart Grid Dryer

Wondering what future smart appliances will look? Perhaps little aliens with antenna sticking out of their heads which manage your energy? Nope – they look just like regular old appliances. Whirlpool is showcasing at the Consumer Electronics Show one such completely normal looking smart-grid compatible dryer which, with the exception of it being networked, would also lead you to believe it is just another fancy looking dryer.

Whirlpool’s smart dryer, of which no specific release information or pricing was mentioned, is being used as an example by Whirlpool and partners to show a type of appliance which might be used with smart home energy management technology like the Home Energy Manger. The dryer, according to Whirlpool, “illustrates how smart grid‐compatible dryers will operate in consumers’ homes, reacting intelligently to peak‐demand signals from a smart electrical grid and automatically modifying energy consumption.”

image via Whirlpool

image via Whirlpool

Whirlpool says it plans to produce “one million smart appliances by the end of 2011” as a part of a larger commitment to make all appliances it creates smart-grid compatible by the end of 2015. The company says this time line, however, is dependent upon the creation by the end of the year “of an open, global standard and appropriate policies to reward consumers, manufacturers and utilities.”

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