Upcoming Oregon Scientific Devices Track Appliance Energy Usage

As we begin to get a better lay of the land here in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, one type of energy product we are quickly seeing emerge are devices which let users monitor their own in-home energy usage. Oregon Scientific, detailed via Engadget, is the latest to announce two such products – the Advanced Wireless Appliance Manager and the Individual Appliance Manager.

Oregon Scientific’s Advanced Wireless Appliance Manager is designed to let consumers monitor power consumption, carbon emissions, and real-time costs for up to eight appliances. It does this via wireless remote sensors and can sound an alarm when consumption goals are exceeded. It will price for around $80 when it debuts in late summer.

image via Engadget

image via Engadget

The Individual Appliance Manager, meanwhile, will price for around $30 when it appears in the same time frame. It lets one plug it into an outlet, followed by plugging the appliance into it. It then lets one track energy usage and also associated costs. A “multi-cost” setting, according to Oregon Scientific, allows for “accurate accounting for peak pricing” from any given utility, while an integrated LCD display shows energy current, line voltage and electricity cost.

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