Scalable Electric Vehicle Platform Lets You Build EV Of Your Dreams

Think you have an idea for a body for an electric vehicle design which would be cool but you lack, for some reason, the ability to design your own EV platform? Along now comes Trexa, a company offering a new electric drive system which can be customized by “specialty vehicle developers” for their own varied needs. Trexa says its platform has a scalable wheelbase which could work for “compact, microcar and ATV-size” applications.

Trexa, according to Inhabitat, says this platform “offers an unprecedented level of versatility because it contains an entire vehicle’s drivetrain within one low-profile enclosed structure.” A number of standards are built into this platform, including four-wheel drive and four-wheel independent suspension which is “adjustable for ride height and terrain type.” The lithium-ion battery system is scalable, depending upon the application, making it available for ranges from 25 to 125 driving miles.

image via Trexa

image via Trexa

Trexa looks to be offering some developer assistance to those who want to engage with the platform. Some of these offerings include an application docking system for the car body, a software CAD developer kit for application design and validation, a hardware kit for bringing the application together with the docking system and ongoing development of new technology modules.

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