Samsung Pimps Eco-Focused PX2370 LED Computer Display

Samsung showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show this week what it feels is a very environmentally friendly computer display sporting just a 16.5mm depth. It is called the SyncMaster PX2370 and it will be available, according to Cnet, in April for around $370.

The Samsung LED-based SyncMaster PX2370, said Samsung, is energy efficient enough to have earned both Energy Star and EPEAT Gold certification. This is, in part, due to incorporation of what the company feels is several energy saving technologies, including an integrated ambient sensor “which automatically adjusts brightness by sensing surrounding intensity of illumination.” Samsung also says its display “is crafted from black and transparent materials that don’t require painting, ensuring it contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making recycling simpler and safer” and that it also “contains numerous components created from recyclable materials.”

image via Cnet

image via Cnet

Non-green features of the 23-inch Syncmaster PX2370 display include 16:9 HD resolution, RGB/DVI/HDMI inputs, a 2ms (GTG) video response time and a very stylish look.


  • Reply April 8, 2011

    Ken Xu

    This monitor has been priced for $280 or less now. As far as the quality goes, this monitor is amazing. One minor thing that you should be aware is the stand that’s quite wobbly. If you have firm and sturdy chair, you won’t notice this problem at all.

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