Samsung G Series Eco External Drives Sport Colorful Designs

Looking for an external hard drive which is more green-focused in nature? Samsung unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this week a new line up of such drives “designed under an eco-friendly green concept.” This line is called the G Series and it will debut globally later this month.

Two models make up the G Series – the 2 TB G3 Station, priced around $200, and the 640 GB G2 Portable, pricing around the same as the G3 Station. Both drives are targeted towards those who want a more “fashionably styled mobile drive”. Samsung says the casing design is a “multi-leveled glitter surface that reflects the image of light on a beaded surface” will work with four new colors, including “olive green, coral blue, silver white and cobalt black.”

image via Samsung

image via Samsung

Eco-focused features of these external Samsung hard drives, which will also be available in other size configurations, include being halogen free, having low power consumption and meeting RoHS hazardous chemicals regulations. The G3 Station, in particular, sports a smart power management feature said to enable “the drive to be turned on and off by the host computer.” Both drives sport a USB 2.0 interface for faster data transfer speeds and include security and auto back up software.

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