Samsung Debuts What It Calls Most Advanced Green DDR3 DRAM

Samsung Electronics has on its hands today what it calls the most most advanced green DDR3 DRAM using 30nm-class technology ever. Why is this important? DDR3 memory is often a critical component of servers, desktops and notebook PCs, and this new memory offering, the company claims, will “provide the most advanced low-power DDR3 available today and therein the most efficient DRAM solutions anywhere for the introduction of consumer electronics devices and server systems.”

Samsung said that “the industry’s first” 30-nanometer-class DRAM has just completed customer evaluations in two gigabit (Gb) densities. The company’s “aggressive advancement in process technology” in developing this “will raise productivity and expedite dissemination of high performance,” lower power DRAM memory. It is mentioned, for example, that a 4 GB, 30nm module used in a new notebook “will consume only three watts per hour, which is just three percent of the total power usage of a notebook.”

Samsung Green DDR3

image via Samsung

Samsung plans to have this memory ready for mass production in the second half of the year. It is envisioned that it can be used in a wider array of products, “from servers to notebooks, desktops, and future versions of netbooks and mobile devices.” It also believes that this development will keep them “in the most competitive position in the memory market.”

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