Plug-In Device Alerts Delawareans to Peak Electrical Loads

One of the simplest ways we’ve come across yet to help consumers deal with lowering their power consumption during peak periods comes from a joint development between Cooper Power Systems, a global manufacturer of power delivery and reliability solutions for the electrical and industrial markets, and the Delaware Electric Cooperative. It is a wall plug-in device which lets one know when peak electrical consumption is occurring.

This In-home Peak Indicator Plug [PDF] plugs into a typical wall outlet in one’s home. It “contains a series of LED lights to inform consumers of either approaching or occurring peak power use periods, advising them to reduce consumption.” The indicator “receives hourly signals from the utility to confirm that continuous communication is taking place” via “existing infrastructure and would utilize existing Cooper load management switch technology.”

image via Cooper Power Systems

image via Cooper Power Systems

The in-home indicator, according to Cooper Power Systems, is offered free of charge to Delaware Electric Cooperative members. The Co-op recently installed the devices in more than 40,000 homes in its service territory. It is also collecting feedback from consumers on the effectiveness of the device and how it is being utilized in each home.

Cooper Power Systems [via press release]

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