NEC In Japan Rolls Out Green, Energy Efficient PCs

Japanese computer manufacturer NEC brings word to us from the Land of the Rising Sun about some new low power consumption computers for use in the business world. There’s no word on if these desktop and laptop PCs will be available in the United States, but you’ll probably be able to find one of them if you look around enough.

The NEC Mate Type ME, according to Engadget, consumes “just 23 watts thanks to a redesigned motherboard and the use of SSD.” This amounts to the desktop PC being 30 percent more energy efficient than comparable models. It also offers an on-screen display feature which shows “past energy  consumption trends” and also current power saving settings. Finally, the body of the machine both more flame resistant and also eco-friendly via a bioplastic coating consisting of 30 percent “plant-derived ingredients and formulations.”

image via NEC

image via NEC

Joining the Mate Type ME is the VersaPro Type VD laptop. This notebook computer offers the power consumption visualization feature of the desktop, while at the same time also sporting the latest Intel (R) Core i7 vPro or Core i5 vPro processors (as does the desktop). Both also look to be Energy Star compliant. The only downside to both? Ugly as sin.

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