Monster Adds More Power Centers Which Fight Vampires

Another company trying to tackle the vampire power issue of electronics leaking energy even when in standby mode is Monster, a maker of high quality audio and video cables. Monster announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show two new High Definition PowerCenters with Monster GreenPower which are targeted towards towards those with home theater components. The new models are the HDP 1850G and HDP 1400G, priced around $400 and $300, respectively.

What these two rather expensive products from Monster do is provide consumers with ways to manually or automatically completely shut off power to devices plugged into them. The ways these two devices do that varies – hence the difference in price. The more expensive HDP 1850G, designed to look like a home theater component, sports “outlets that automatically shut off to reduce energy waste.” One plugs the HDTV into a main control outlet and devices one doesn’t need on all the time into one of three other outlets. When the HDTV is turned off, the other outlets shutdown as well, cutting power to the connected products. Two other outlets can be turned off completely via an included RF controller.

image via Monster

image via Monster

The Monster HDP 1400G, meanwhile, looks more like a power strip on steroids and offers a bank of five outlets which can be controlled via a RF control. Both devices also offer advanced functions such as T2 auto disconnect/reconnect circuitry, surge protected connections for coax, phone, and network and line noise reduction.

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