Green Vehicles Greenlights Triac Electric Vehicle Production

One thing you’ll be seeing showcased at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), at least in terms of green cars, are small run production models announced by niche auto manufacturers. These guys, like the Arcimoto Pulse which debuted in Portland, OR last year, hope to be noticed as they compete against the big boys for green car market share. One such player putting out an announcement today is Green Vehicles.

Green Vehicles said its 2010 Triac “pure electric, full speed commuter vehicle” is now in production. The first models won’t be delivered until October of this year, with a slated price (including lithium-ion battery pack) of around $25,000. The Triac, according to its manufacturer, will get a real world range, depending upon various conditions, of over 100 miles per charge. The onboard charger can be plugged into any 110v or 220v standard outlet, with a typical complete charge taking six hours at 220v. Top speed is 80 miles per hour.

image via Green Vehicles

image via Green Vehicles

Green Vehicles says it first unveiled a prototype of the Triac back in 2008, collecting subsequent data and feedback from early adopters who were test driving. Things to watch for, based upon these feedback, include an advanced IT system for things like battery management and motor controller function, a “non-traditional” electric drive train and a “next-generation” energy storage and power system.

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