Ferrari CEO Confirms Plans For A 599 GTB Hybrid Luxury Car

Iconic luxury car manufacturer Ferrari looks to be going hybrid, according to a confirmation from Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo at a press conference unveiling the company’s new 2010 F10 Formula 1 car. Plans, according to scattered reports around the Internet, are to unveil a hybrid version of the popular (and pricey) 599 GTB in Geneva later this year.

Montezemolo, in remarks made regarding the new F10, said that “we’re constructing cars with an enormous part of innovative technology. We’ll present a 599 hybrid in Geneva, which will represent a great path towards the future.” Rumors of such a hybrid from Ferrari, according to Cnet, having been floating around since the 599 GTB was first introduced several years ago.It was further backed up by word of a hybrid technology Ferrari had gotten a European patent for.

Ferrari 599 GTB

image via Ferrari

There’s not much in the way of specifics available right now on what exactly would be inside this Ferrari hybrid. We’ll keep our ears out for more information. One thing we have picked up on at this point, according to Motor Authority, is that this hybrid technology would only be mild, allowing for only a “30 percent increase” in fuel economy. When you consider what a typical Ferrari gets for gas mileage though, anything is probably an improvement.

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