Embertec Displays Vampire Power Killer Technology

One of the other companies milling around the Sustainable Planet area during the Consumer Electronics Show was vampire power killer Embertec Power Saving Technologies. They were one of the more highly visible companies in this part of the show, having won an award for their energy savings technology platform which they say is the first fully automated power saving solution.

Embertec offers up a special digital micro processor technology which the company says “addresses both passive standby power (electricity that is used by appliances while they are turned off) and an even larger concern, but less reviewed active standby modes (wastage from devices left on but not being used), thus delivering maximum possible savings to the consumer.” This technology works by a special monitoring technique that “measures a wide range of human interaction and electrical parameters.” It takes the results of this monitoring and then reportedly interprets this information to fully control “actual power needs.”

image via Embertec

image via Embertec

Two different systems currently make up the Embertec product focus – one unit designed for computer usage and one designed for A/V equipment. On the computer side, when the connected PC goes into some type of power down mode all “connected peripheral devices” do so as well, with power being restored once someone returns to the computer. The A/V unit works similarly, though with the added option that if there is no active interaction with the equipment after a set period of time like, for example, hitting a remote control button, the attached equipment is powered down until an interaction occurs.

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