Eco-Friendly Headphones, iPod Cases Arrive from iWave

Looking for some eco-friendly accessories to supplement your favorite iPod or PSP? iWave, a maker of electronic accessories, is offering up such a new collection for your desires here at the Consumer Electronics Show. These items are all part of the Grass Roots Collection.

iWave says that what makes the Grass Roots Collection green is the fact that all of these items, which include headphones, earbuds and iPhone cases, are “made from reusable, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable materials like plastic, wood and bamboo.” They seem to have nice looks to them and iWave says “the rich wood accents of the earbuds and headphones add that little element of worldly appeal for any music listener.”

image via iWave

image via iWave

The items from the Grass Roots Collection by iWave will be available in the second quarter of the year. Prices for the cases and earbuds will range from around $10 to $30, while prices for the headphones will range from around $15 to $40.


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    Are these products now on sale? Where can you buy/order them?

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