D-Link Sensors Let You Track Appliance Energy Usage

D-Link, a maker of a range of computer related products for the home and office, is using the Consumer Electronics Show this week to showcase a new home energy monitoring kit to help consumers get a better idea of how much energy various appliances use. The new Home Energy Monitoring Starter Kit (DHM-930B) is priced around $100 and is expected to be made available sometime later this year.

D-Link’s energy monitoring kit works in conjunction with D-Link’s new and separately purchased Home Monitoring Starter Kit (consists of a control unit as pictured below and is designed to help you securely monitor your property). The energy monitoring kit comes “with two power-usage sensor adapters (additional sensors may be purchased separately) that plug into the home’s wall sockets near where the electrical appliances are located.” One plugs in the appliances to the sensors and can then monitor energy usage patterns.

image via D-Link

image via D-Link

Specific data which can be automatically downloaded to a special online portal users can access include “real-time power usage levels; daily, weekly and monthly breakdowns; cost conversions and graphical analysis” D-Link says as well¬† that the product allows utility companies to offer users incentives on fee schedules based on their history of energy conservation.

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